Advisory Services for Individuals

Through role-based coaching, we equip individuals in change-enabling roles with the skills needed to drive desired outcomes.

Developing Effective Agents of Change

Prosci Advisory Services support individuals, project teams and organizations by helping you build enterprise change capability where you need it the most. Using research-based, industry-leading strategies and tools, we empower you with the capabilities to increase adoption and achieve your desired business outcomes.


Prosci Advisory Services Change Management for Individuals equips your change team with the skills to succeed in their individual roles. Prosci advisors coach your change practitioners, project managers, business leads and others so they can effectively support your project and business goals. During the engagement, we’ll assess the abilities of those in change-enabling roles, provide individual coaching, and maximize their impact on your changes.

Prosci has really helped us on an individual level, but also as an organization, to take our change management to the next level.

– Jen Raab, State of North Dakota

Common Types of Engagements

Through role-based coaching, we empower and upskill those individuals responsible for making changes happen in your organization. A few examples of how we could help your change-enabling staff succeed in their roles:

  • Your practitioners finished training and are unsure of what to do next on their projects
  • Your leaders need coaching to help them effectively lead major changes
  • Project managers in your organization need change management skills in addition to their project management skills
  • Your project sponsors are tasked with promoting accelerated or complex changes in your organization and need insights on the best approach

Results-Focused Coaching

An expert Prosci Advisor facilitates individual coaching sessions to support organizations during accelerated change, on a must-win project, or to build sustainable skills across the organization:

Elevating practitioners – We help recently certified practitioners accelerate their change management abilities:

  • They’ll move from Knowledge to Ability in the ADKAR® Model
  • And know which change tools to apply to their project and how, for better project outcomes


Coaching leaders – We help business and change leaders effectively lead their change initiatives:

  • With new strategies for guiding their teams through change
  • Through customized coaching for your unique organizational structure and change initiatives

Building change capability – With individual coaching, we quickly identify ways to support your immediate needs, plus build sustainable skills:

  • We’ll elevate the skills of those with change management responsibilities in your organization
  • And we can help you build change capability at all levels, one individual at a time

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