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Preparing For Certification Success


Preparation Assignments to Complete Before ClassBelow are step-by-step instructions for how to prepare for the program. Please complete the following assignments two weeks before your program start date. If you have any questions about these preparation steps, please contact us.1. Read the Pre-Read Guide2. Complete the Project Summary Packet3. Read or listen to the ADKAR Book4. Look for your Prosci Portal Email5. Remember to bring a laptop

What is Change Management?


If you’ve ever looked for a short video that answers “What is Change Management?” in a value-focused and results-oriented way. Who might you share it with: sponsors, senior leaders, project teams, Agile coaches, communication specialists, OD consultants, friends who don’t understand your job, etc. How might you distribute it: add to a newsletters, drop in emails, show in a meeting, feature in a training, send in a text, etc.

Avoid These 5 Change Management Obstacles

The path of organizational change is littered with good ideas that never delivered on the results they promised. Creating successful change is not easy, but we have the opportunity to learn lessons from others, thanks to best practices in change …