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24 April

Quick-Start Guides: Actionable Insights for Today’s Change Challenges

We’ve summarized the ideas from these sessions into three quick-start guides with immediately actionable tips and direction to support you as you tackle these challenges: Excelling as a remote contributor,Seamlessly shifting mindshare, energy and focus as a nimble contributor, Mobilizing a virtual change agent network.

21 April

Prosci Virtual Instructor-Led Training FAQ

关于Prosci变革管理线上课程,您需要了解的两三事。Prosci 一直把客户看作是我们的核心价值,为了能给客户最棒的学习体验,我们在线上课程中设计了更多互动环节,让学员感受到更多的参与性和互动性。我们将竭尽所能确保您拥有卓越的学习体验。

线上Prosci 变革管理从业人员认证课程
20 April

5 Reasons To Build Change Capability With Prosci Elearning

Organizations that are growing their change capability—whether just getting started or well on their way—need flexibility in their approach. Global organizations with dispersed workforces may have limited access to change management training. And some companies aren’t seeing their desired project …

15 November

Preparing For Certification Success

Preparation Assignments to Complete Before ClassBelow are step-by-step instructions for how to prepare for the program. Please complete the following assignments two weeks before your program start date. If you have any questions about these preparation steps, please contact us.1. Read the Pre-Read Guide2. Complete the Project Summary Packet3. Read or listen to the ADKAR Book4. Look for your Prosci Portal Email5. Remember to bring a laptop