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Video: What is Change Management?


Presenters: Tim Creasey, Prosci

If you’ve ever looked for a short video that answers “What is Change Management?” in a value-focused and results-oriented way – it is here. Enjoy!

Who might you share it with: sponsors, senior leaders, project teams, Agile coaches, communication specialists, OD consultants, friends who don’t understand your job, etc.

How might you distribute it: add to a newsletters, drop in emails, show in a meeting, feature in a training, send in a text, etc.


Video: Aligning the ADKAR Model with other change enabling systems


Presenters: Tim Creasey, Prosci

How does ADKAR map to different change approaches like: waterfall, Agile, participatory change, emergent change, continuous improvement, six sigma, lean, and programs? I put together this short (4:10) animation to share how I see it. I hope you find this valuable and share-worthy. Enjoy!

Webinar: 老蔡談變革管理系列第一集 – 營造變革氣氛-為何變革轉型未竟其成?


Presenter: Dr. Johnny Tsai, Prosci Change Management Certified Instructor









Change Management Takes Change Management

Replay  |  Slides

Presenters: Karen Ball, Prosci

Applying change management principles to “doing change management” is necessary to encourage the adoption and usage of change management in your organization.  Learn about the key principles of sponsorship, audience-specific WIIFM, communication, resistance management, and reinforcement when the change you are trying to manage is change management.  The Prosci ADKAR model and 10 aspects of job impact will be discussed for 5 key roles necessary to deliver the expected results and outcomes from change management.


Why Partner with Prosci

Replay  |  Slides

Presenters: Tim Creasey, Prosci

Prosci is proud that we do things differently. We partner with you, sharing our knowledge, tools and training so that you are equipped and confident in managing your own change, now and in the future. We partner with you to help you build the individual competencies and organizational capabilities you need to succeed and become an agile, change-ready organization. Learn what working with Prosci is like and how we enable you and your organization to change.