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If you are implementing a change project without active sponsor, managers lack of change capability, employees resistance to change or planning to be change management practitioner. Prosci ADKAR change model, methodology and tools help enterprise manage people side of change to achieve desired outcome. If you are looking for free consultant to resolve change project problems. You are welcome to leave your information, we will contact you and further arrange experts to help you achieve expected results.


Consulting Topics:

  • Those who have no basic concept of change management or who are interested in Prosci’s change management method would like to know more.

We can provide a brief introduction to Prosci’s change management method, ADKAR model, three-stage process of change management, training courses, and introduction to change application tools.


  • Change management is being promoted and I want to learn how to apply Prosci’s change management to projects.

We can provide the Prosci PCT Analyzer service to analyze one of your project, evaluate the health of the project from the three aspects of leadership, project management, and change management, and let consultants provide you suggestions that the project can reinforce to achieve the project’s expected results.


  • Individuals want to strengthen change management capabilities and obtain international certification.

We can provide introduction and communication of change management certification courses.


  • For other questions not listed above, please also write to us.


How to Apply:

Filling the form below, we will contact you for more details than schedule one-on-one consultation with our consultant.


How to Engage:

For participants locate in Taiwan, we can arrange our consultants to your company for one-on-one consultation; you can also select other means according to your needs, such as video conference or phone.

Locations other than Taiwan will be conducted by video conference or phone.




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Prosci Change Management

What? Why? How?

Let you know what is change management.

Why you need change management?

How Prosci Change Management

can help you realize expected outcome.

Prosci PCT Analyzer

Check Project Health

Assess your project from dimensions of

leadership / project management / change management

and provide action steps for success change.

Enhance Change Competency

Training and Certification

To understand how our advanced instructor lead you

establish change management skill and knowledge.

Be one of the change management practitioners

and start your change management career.