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How To Address Active Resistance To Change

I have reached that stage in my life where all my close friends and family members have at least one toddler. This makes me the part-time uncle/babysitter/mommy-needs-a-break-and-daddy-is-sick fill in. I’m sharing this because I have spent more time around toddlers of a variety of temperaments and social skills than I ever imagined I would, and I have learned what many parents already know:

 Toddlers are the most resistant group of people I have ever met.

The push-back starts when any kind of change is introduced into the new routine. “That’s not how Mom tucks me in!” and “I don’t like those kinds of dinosaur chicken nuggets!” are just a couple of the many reframes that I’ve heard from my little charges. Kids are some of the most active resistors to change, but they are not the only active resistors……[read more]