Benefits for Enterprises ......

  • Gain a structured management approach
  • Acquire common and universal tools
  • More likely to achieve the desired outcome
  • Significantly improve the ability to change and the status quo of change

Benefits for Indivisuals ......

  • Build skill and credential systematically
  • Significantly increase the chances of being hired or promoted
  • Official certification to achieve high level of change management expertise
  • Easy to apply professional skills in organizations to achieve change leadership

Overview of Prosci Change Management Certificate Program

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In just 3 days, participants will apply a set of change management methods and tools including the Prosci ADKAR model in an interactive and highly customized workshop with participants' own projects. The course ends with a change management plan that is developed to effectively manage change and improve project outcomes then finally can be presented to executives.

Who needs to attend

Prosci Change Management Certification is for those responsible for promoting change. Participants often serve the following roles:

  • Change Project Leader
  • Project Manager
  • IT Professionals
  • Project Team Members
  • Change Management
  • Practitioners
  • Continual Business
  • Improvement Experts
  • Human Resources
  • Business Partners
  • Org. Development
  • Professionals

Learning Objectives

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After completing Prosci’s change management certification course, students can:


Understand & Learn

  • Understand the basic principles of change and change management
  • Understand how effective change management can improve the effectiveness of the organization
  • Learn how to apply a research-based approach to change management and tools



  • Can explain the value of change management to colleagues and leaders in the business case for change management
  • Apply the Prosci ADKAR Model to promote personal change
  • Apply the Prosci 3-Phase Process change management approach to an actual project

Certificate & Resource

  • Leaving the classroom with a change management plan
  • Acquire certification for Prosci’s change management approach
  • Get access to Prosci’s change management tool
  • Acquire 24 PMI PDUs


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There are totally 3 days for the certificate program.


Day 1

  • Why Change Management?
  • The ROI of effective change management
  • The Prosci ADKAR Model
  • 7 concepts of change
  • Preparing for change: assessing change readiness

Day 2

  • Preparing for change: building team structure and assessing sponsorship
  • Managing change: creating customized communication and sponsorship plans
  • Executive project plan presentations


Day 3

  • Managing change: creating coaching, training and resistance management plans
  • Reinforcing change
  • Exam & Graduation


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Original Price from Prosci: US $4,260 (around CNY ¥29,000)

Price in China: CNY ¥18,580

Register Now

Course Language: Bilingual ∙ Schedule: 2019-09-18 ∙ City: Shanghai


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  • Q

    What do I have to prepare in advance before registering for the course?

  • A Please prepare your basic information in advance and make sure that your email server will not block emails from Then go ahead.
  • Q

    I have already registered for the course, what's the next?

  • A Then please check your email. We will send an email to the email address you have provided. This email contains the details of the course you registered, the cost details, and the payment method....
  • Q

    I am your loyal fans. Is there a discount for registering courses?

  • A Definitely sure! You can pay attention closely to WeChat Official Channel - Prosci变革管理,or Our Website. We often provide discount code there.
  • Q

    I suddenly have something to do, can't attend the course at the scheduled time, can I reschedule or refund?

  • A Yes, after all, there are unpredictable things in your whole life! The detailed policy of canceling the course has been listed in the post-registration email. In principle, you can refund or reschedule, but in the case of cancellation of the refund within two weeks, we will charge the relevant costs already paid.

Want to Understand More?

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