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  • Advanced immersion workshop

    The Advanced Immersion Workshop is two-day professional development program that focuses on advanced change management tools and application (Change Scorecard, CMROI Calculator, PCT Analyzer, ADKAR Dashboard, eBest Practice Audit)….

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  • Delivering Project Results Workshop

    This results-oriented, 6-hour workshop enables project managers to integrate change management into active projects, a practice that is key in delivering enhanced results. Project leaders will leave…

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  • Integrating agile and change management workshop

    Over the last decade, both Agile and change management have emerged as strategies to improve change outcomes. Organizations are now looking for approaches to integrate change management and Agile…

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  • Leading Your Team Through Change

    Be a change leader who inspires others.
    Managers are the first example that employees look to when they need to adopt a change or understand how a change…

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  • Prosci Change Management Certification Program

    Prosci’s Change Management Certification Program gives you the tools, know-how and support you need to drive successful change going forward.

    During this three-day experiential session, you’ll apply Prosci’s methodology and…

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